Laboratory freezers and refrigerators in the science and pharmaceuticals industry have always had a need for high thermal efficiency. Reduction of power consumption to keep stored items at their required temperatures is an increasing aspect for many manufacturers. Manufacturers have turned to Kingspan Insulation for our Threshhold VIP product to enhance their refrigeration products’ ability to run at low temperatures while lowering their power consumption while also maximizing interior volume in the same footprint. Reduced power consumption and unit cycling increases the useful life and reliability of these systems.

Refrigerators and freezers for food and beverage and also walk-in coolers and freezers can also benefit immensely by use of the Threshhold VIP in walls and doors. Threshhold can be laminated to metal, FRP, or other materials to form a stress-skin panel that acts as the structural wall in these applications.
Rendering of Kingspan Threshhold lining a refrigerator.