The applications in which Threshhold VIPs can be used is almost limitless. Automotive, marine, RVs, cryogenic, electronics, military, consumer goods, and even space are all areas where our Threshhold VIPs have been used. As with other applications, one advantage is increasing interior volume within the same footprint while also increasing thermal insulation values. Marine and RV applications can benefit from smaller onboard refrigeration systems leading to more room in the interior living spaces and enhanced fuel efficiencies. Electronics systems can run cooler and thus faster for better processing speeds and lower power consumption. Military and space applications can benefit from better thermal systems management which enhance mission critical functions from life support to medical supply transport. Consumer goods including coolers and ice chests can keep food and beverages cold for incredibly long durations that are significantly longer than even the current leading brands are known for.

Excellent thermal design is crucial to obtaining all the benefit from very high performance vacuum insulation.  Kingspan Insulation works with our customers to help design systems that are optimized for the parameters that are most important to them. We have developed our knowledge and design tools that allow us to rapidly reach outstanding product performance.